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Build-Rite in Rawlins is indeed a home center carrying many products designed to make your home a home of leisure and enjoyment.  We stock Traegar grills, pellet burning ovens, smokers, and grills.  We also stock several pellet flavors, barbecue rubs and sauces.  In addition, we also stock Char Broil and Weber Barbecue grills.

Brighten up your lawn and garden with bedding plants that are available from the middle of May to July with a wide selection of potting soils and fertilizers.  Sod is available throughout the summer on an order basis.  We also carry pavers, foundation wall stones, patio furniture, sprinkler systems, hoses, shovels, lawnmowers and trimmers.

During the winter months, come and visit our Christmas Tree Lane were you can shop for Christmas gifts, poinsettias, trees, ornaments, and other Christmas items.  Bring the kids in to see our special “Christmas Village” and train display.

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